CAM Services

Services provided by CAM professionals include the following:


  • Independent Engineer – Lenders’ Independent Technical Consultant, and Lenders’ Independent Environmental and Social Consultant;
  • Regulatory Reports – Canadian NI 43-101 Reports and US SEC Filings;
  • Mining and Processing Closure Cost Evaluations for Financial Reporting;
  • Environmental and Social Consulting – Planning, Auditing, and Monitoring;
  • Due Diligence Reviews – Technical, Environmental, Social, Economic, and Financial;
  • Resources and Reserves – Modeling, Estimation, and Audits;
  • Geological Evaluations and Exploration QA/QC Program Reviews;
  • Surface and Underground Mine Engineering;
  • Operational Monitoring and Benchmarking Assistance;
  • Process, Facility, and Infrastructure Design and Engineering Reviews;
  • Financial Analysis, Fairness Options, and Bankable Documents; and
  • Litigation Support.

Independent Engineer (IE)

CAM has successfully performed the role of Independent Technical Consultant and Independent Environmental and Social Consultant for financial institutions including commercial lenders, export credit agencies, and multilateral development banks, on forty-three (43) international assignments.

CAM believes using an integrated team of technical, environmental, and social, experts provides the most effective, balanced review of a Project’s feasibility study during the due diligence review phase of the assignment. CAM professionals have extensive technical, environmental, and social experience in feasibility study review and analysis, along with planning, design, operations, and management experience with mining industry projects, and have completed over 1,500 assignments in the minerals and energy industries.

Utilizing the same key senior personnel that were involved with the due diligence review during the pre-completion monitoring, completion testing, and post-completion monitoring phases of the Independent Engineer assignment is standard operating practice for CAM. Learning gained from CAM’s numerous prior Independent Engineer assignments are applied when providing completion test advise, and accessing and communicating to Lenders the challenges and risks that exist with all Projects.

CAM places a high priority on providing the requested Independent Engineer services in a cooperative and constructive neutral manner. Extra care and attention are given when preparing reports and written communications to ensure possible concerns are clearly explained and placed into appropriate context for the reader. Productive professional relationships are formed between senior CAM team members and Project staff, and information and ideas are freely shared and considered. It is CAM’s belief that this approach produces the highest quality product possible for the Lenders, while directly supporting a successful outcome for the Sponsors.

Lenders Independent Technical Consultant

The principal purpose of the independent technical due diligence review is to verify that the stated resources, plans for the development and operation of the mining, processing, and other facilities, forecasted production levels, and capital and operating cost estimates, have been based on adequate data, and are formulated in accordance with sound engineering principles and good environmental practice. To accomplish this purpose, CAM conducts a robust review and audit to assess the critical technical and economic factors affecting the feasibility and performance of the Project and identifies any factors that may impair the ability of the Project to produce and perform as forecast. Conformation and advice regarding the adequacy of the plans and procedures for the design, testing, engineering, permitting, procurement, construction, completion, commissioning, operation, management, and maintenance of the Project are then provided.
CAM’s substantial Independent Engineer experience as shown on our projects page, provides a solid platform from which Pre and Post Financial Closing activities such as completion test advice, site monitoring, and completing testing can be provided. Our current experience with several projects, where escalating costs and reducing metal prices have resulted in narrowing margins, has only served to further emphasize the importance of an Independent Engineer capable of providing fair and reasonable completion test advice, and adept at preserving the best interests of the Lenders in a neutral manner that is value added and beneficial for the Sponsors.

Lenders Independent Environmental and Social Consultant

The principal purpose of the environmental and social due diligence review is to verify that environmental and social undertakings at the site are in conformance with the requirements of the Equator Principle Financial Institutions. This includes conformance with national requirements, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards, the IFC Environmental, Health, and Safety Guidelines and other international guidance, as appropriate, e.g. the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the International Cyanide Management Code. CAM conducts thorough assessments of the environmental and social risk management systems designed to prevent and minimize impacts to the environment, protect biodiversity, effectively engage communities within the area, protect workers, protect cultural resources, and other topics relevant to the Equator Principles and the IFC Performance Standards.

CAM has substantial experience conducting comprehensive environmental and social reviews of projects in a diverse range of climates and social contexts from the driest deserts to tropical rain forests, including biodiversity hot spots, as shown on our projects page. The reviews include Pre and Post Financial Closing activities such as identifying and evaluating environmental and social risks, assessing environmental and social management systems, monitoring site performance and evaluating environmental and social aspects of financial completion tests. CAM’s environmental and social professionals have extensive experience in the mining and mineral processing sector that enables them to understand the challenges the sector faces when designing, developing and implementing programs to fulfill environmental and social commitments.

Regulatory Reports

CAM provides assessments by Qualified Persons for securities exchange listings and reporting requirements for most mineral commodities, and has completed thirty-four (34) individual Canadian NI 43-101 Reports for precious metals, base metals, and uranium properties.

We understand that every mineral deposit has unique geologic characteristics and operating challenges that must be considered in parallel with environmental and social factors. CAM relies on an integrated team of highly experienced professional in conjunction with our extensive in-house report files to provide a professional, competitively priced, reputable product.

Environmental and Social Consulting

CAM professionals have conducted environmental and social assessments and audits that include health, safety and security reviews, on a variety of metals, coal, and industrial mineral mining projects around the world for both private industry and government. We are experienced in the evaluation and implementation of environmental management programs/systems in accordance with U.S., in-country and international environmental standards.

Our professionals have prepared comprehensive mitigation plans, evaluated permitting feasibility, assessed and developed water treatment systems, evaluated biodiversity management programs, prepared and implemented operating and reclamation plans, conducted water quality investigations, completed environmental baseline studies, managed environmental compliance programs, prepared asset retirement obligation and decommissioning liability cost estimates, audited closure cost estimates and participated in an assortment of other projects. Services have also included advising project sponsors in the preparation of environmental and social information for Project Financing and providing litigation support.

Financial and Technical Evaluations

CAM professionals have completed a wide variety of assignments involving feasibility studies, basic engineering, alternative processing investigations, economic justifications, trade-off studies, and financial evaluations. We have worked in over 30 countries and have supplied financial and technical evaluations and bankable documents for financial institutions and mining companies alike.

Resources and Reserves

CAM prides itself on its integrated team approach that enables geologists, geostatisticians, and project engineers to work together effectively ensuring timely, cost effective results for the client. Our professionals are experienced in dealing with precious and base metals, coal, uranium, diamonds, and industrial minerals, and performing and reviewing mineral reserve estimates for both open pit and underground operations.

We understand that every mineral deposit has unique geologic characteristics and features that must be considered. Geologic features control economic mineralization; therefore, a more reliable grade estimate will be calculated with careful geologic modeling than by using a more complex statistical method without geologic guidelines.

Resource estimation is based upon the development of a three-dimensional model of the deposit with either manual or computer methods. The completed resource model allows for rapid tabulation of mineral inventory and provides a basis for all subsequent mine design and planning. The objective is to provide the most reliable and accurate evaluation of the data available.

Audits of exploration databases occasionally identify that critical parts of the data gathering processes have been omitted, such as sufficient downhole surveying or duplicate sample assaying. CAM offers a pre-exploration program QA/QC service that reviews exploration program plans to ensure that all necessary information is available for a reliably calculated resource estimate.

Mine Engineering and Operational Monitoring

CAM professionals use modern computer technology to provide a total system approach to open pit mine planning and design. By incorporating extensive computer expertise with practical international experience, we are able to provide the client with an individually tailored product. We can also provide estimates for equipment and personnel requirements, infrastructure, and mine capital and operating costs. We are skilled in using the most widely available mine planning software packages and pit optimization techniques for defining the phased and ultimate pit limits.

Our underground mining professionals have considerable experience with selecting the most suitable underground mining methods compatible with specific ground conditions and mineralization. Completed projects include the evaluation and design of the smallest to the largest underground mines, underground storage vaults, and underground openings for water flow, transportation, and mine access. CAM has been involved in the design, development, and construction phases of underground mines in a variety of terrains and countries worldwide.

In addition to our mine engineering services, we also provide environmental and operational monitoring and review for existing operations, and assistance with benchmarking actives that are based on the data collected from previously completed assignments.